NanoStruck’s proprietary line of technologies
is designed to fight global water shortage problems

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    IntelRadio's Ellis Martin with NanoStruck's CEO on Water Purification Technologies


    NanoStruck's CEO Bundeep Rangar Featured on Business News Network

    NanoStruck Technologies

    NanoStruck Technologies's Bundeep Rangar Featured on 680 News


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    After five years of intensive research and testing, NanoStruck Technologies Inc. has developed its world leading low cost and environmentally friendly NanoPure technology.

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    Recover Platinum, Gold, Silver, Uranium and other precious metals from mining wastewater. Remove toxic pollutants and use the treated water for agricultural and domestic purposes.

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    NanoStruck has the right technology and people to not only clean the most contaminated waters, but to also recover various types of precious metals.

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    NanoStruck has provided New World Sanitations with a simple and custom solution for an already successful sanitation product. It has been a pleasure developing a business relationship with the NanoStruck team and we are excited for what the future holds. - Jurgen Graupe, CEO, New World Sanitations

    Sylvania is anticipating great things for the future emanating from their working relationship with NanoStruck - Nigel Trevarthen, Deputy CEO, Sylvania Platinum Ltd.