Pureinator Process

After five years of intensive research and testing, NanoStruck Technologies Inc. has developed - and is now introducing - its world leading low cost and environmentally friendly NanoPure technology.

NanoPure brings the most contaminated water into environmental discharge/ drinking water standards.

NanoStruck Technologies Inc. scientific and engineering team has developed a process utilizing technology created at the University of Saskatchewan which can be customized to trap contaminants and make them inert, thus purifying any water source.

How it works:

NanoPure unit is built in a 40 ft container for handling and shipment containing the following process:

  1. Primary precipitations and pH adjustment. (Depending on the source of influent these steps are optional)
  2. NanoStruck micro Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) with high frequency ultrasonic waves. The micro bubbles introduced at the DAF is further accelerated by the ultrasound waves down to the micronic and nano levels, exponentially breaking down organic particles.
  3. A NanoStruck electro-coagulation unit is introduced that further breaks down fats, oil, grease and bio-film that produces algae. It also allows inorganics to float or to coagulate for easy removal by skimming.
  4. NanoStruck multi-media nano-filtration further clarifies the processed water removing impurities and contaminants.
  5. Nano co-polymer removes last stage odour, remaining chemicals and improves clarity. The last stage of treatment goes through the bed of NanoStruck Nano-filtration where most unchanged particles and chemicals are adsorbed. The discharge water can be used for domestic purposes after disinfecting using one of the classical procedures.

Benefits of the process:

  • Organic/natural nano-tech powders
  • Environmentally friendly & produces safe potable water
  • 100% recycled water
  • Low cost
  • No greenhouse gas emission
  • No chemicals used in process

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NanoStruck has the right technology and people to not only clean the most contaminated waters, but to also recover various types of precious metals.

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NanoStruck has provided New World Sanitations with a simple and custom solution for an already successful sanitation product. It has been a pleasure developing a business relationship with the NanoStruck team and we are excited for what the future holds. - Jurgen Graupe, CEO, New World Sanitations

Sylvania is anticipating great things for the future emanating from their working relationship with NanoStruck - Nigel Trevarthen, Deputy CEO, Sylvania Platinum Ltd.