NanoSan Sanitation System

The Nanosan is a totally green sanitation system built based on nano-technology and designed for rural and informal areas under severe water stress where the basic infrastructure for water/wastewater is not economically feasible.

The key criteria taken into consideration when constructing this unit is; to drastically reduce impact on water usage in households (up to 70%), the health and hygiene of its users, prevention from contamination, destruction of the environment, ground water resources and river systems that are affected due to raw sewage spillages.

The Nanosan unit is user-friendly, easy and cost effective to maintain, easy to transport and install anywhere in the world , and totally "green" with no dependency on outside power sources.

Main Features:

  • Environmentally friendly (no harmful chemicals, no external power and limited external water usage);
  • Process the raw sewage into usable grey water with a minimum risk of ground water contamination;
  • Portable, easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain;
  • Hygienic, safe and odorless;
  • Fully water borne without connection to municipal water supply or sewer infrastructure.
  • Rain water collecting ability

Benefits of the product:

  • Dignified sanitation system
  • On site raw sewage treatment facility
  • Safe, reusable and recycled water
  • No external electricity supply
  • Economically feasible
  • Independent of time consuming civil reticulation

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NanoStruck has the right technology and people to not only clean the most contaminated waters, but to also recover various types of precious metals.

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NanoStruck has provided New World Sanitations with a simple and custom solution for an already successful sanitation product. It has been a pleasure developing a business relationship with the NanoStruck team and we are excited for what the future holds. - Jurgen Graupe, CEO, New World Sanitations

Sylvania is anticipating great things for the future emanating from their working relationship with NanoStruck - Nigel Trevarthen, Deputy CEO, Sylvania Platinum Ltd.